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Prism core values in a nutshell:


Talk to visitors on your website, communicate your products better, and increase your conversion in a few minute



No need go back and forth again. Just stay on your chat and make a shopping cart seamlessly with one page


Power Tools

Need another way to boost your transactions? Power Tools are the best way to maximize your orders.


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What are Prism's Key Benefits?

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Convenient Transaction Process while Managing Chats

Managing transaction has never been easier with Prism. Why?

"Search Product + Manage Chat + Create Shopping Cart in a Single Browser's Tab"

Deep integration to inventory and chat system so everything would just happen in one single view of window.

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Maximize Basket Size

With Upsell, not only can you upsell other products to your existing customers, you can also maximize your new customer’s basket size.

"Upsell & Shopping Cart to Boost Transactions"

Easily promote your campaigns to the right customers at the right time

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Connect Payments

Payment methods can be easily integrated with Prism. You can choose payments that work for you and your customers.

"Integrated to Various Payments"

Implement Virtual AccountsCredit CardeMoney, and other payment options. We are part of Midtrans, the leading online payment gateway in Indonesia.

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Integration to Empower You

Integrate directly to your product inventory and even your campaigns, empower your team to be more productive.

"Easy & Fast Integration using API or Plugins"

Chat Templates, Products Inventory, Upsell Campaigns, Report, and other informations are available for your team in One Dashboard interface to deliver the best customer experience through conversations.


Hear their stories


"Ever since we've used Prism, our conversion rate has increased up to 87%.

We just love Prism’s features, especially its ability to integrate with [email protected] which had really helped our business. It allowed our sales agents to perform fast responseswhile managing customer's orders easily."


"The best chat-commerce platform to help generate invoices in a seamless way!

We are able to engage with our customers easily as well as building trust within our e-commerce through chat. Since we've added Prism, it has led to an increase in orders each day"


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