Prism Documentations


Welcome to Prism Documentation. Prism is a live chat platform with the capability to perform sales and boost conversion.

We learned from our experience that using Prism can boost your current chat channel conversion rate by up to 400%. Prism empowers your agents and gives you the ability to close sales while chatting with user.

This documentation will guide you on how you can integrate Prism into your website and start selling right away.

Don't forget to check our Getting Started Guide!

Important Notes

Please read the documentation thoroughly and carefully. It is important to understand the requirements and restrictions, so we can integrate seamlessly. Issues may appear during integration, thus we highly recommend that you have a testing environment before going full into the production environment.

Integration Basics

To use Prism, you need to integrate on 2 realms:

  1. Backend server

    Prism would need to integrate with your inventory, user and transaction data. We have several guides on integrating with all three.

  2. Website

    To have our live chat widget displayed, you'll need to include several lines inserted into your webpage and that's it.


If you need any assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us [email protected] and our team will be happy to assist you.