How Prism will boost your conversion?



  • Chat widget

    Accessible from desktop, tablet and smartphone

  • Customized Chat Widget

    Allow merchant/agent to customize chat widget appearance & branding

  • Anonymous connect

    Allow visitor to start chatting right-away with your agent. It will reduce friction

  • Connect with Email

    Allow visitor to fill Email and Name before starting chat

  • Template Message

    Set custom message and shortcut for faster response

  • Agent Load Balancing

    Manage & distribute chat messages to more agents efficiently

  • Chat Assignment

    Assigned chat to agent as a chat owner for tracking & performance

  • Rich-Type of Messages

    Support various chat message such us shopping cart chat, invoice chat, stickers, images

  • Chat Notifications

    Received chat notifications from our chat. You will never miss any transactions

  • Delivery Status

    Chat status indicator for every chat that’s been sent & received

  • Attach Image in Chat

    Attach image in chat message



  • Integrated Inventory

    easier to access your inventory and make an invoice inside chat

  • Order Integration

    Easily to manage your sales history

  • Product Preview in Chat

    Send product preview including photo, price and description in chat. Don't just share the link, your customer need explanation of your product.

  • Make a Shopping Cart

    Allow merchant/agent to create an invoice within chat

  • Fast Checkout

    Process transactions expediently to increase your conversion rates

  • Search Inventory

    Allow merchant/agent to search your product inventory in our dashboard while managing chat. It will reduce friction.

  • Set Shipping

    Allow agent to set shipping & calculate cost automatically

  • Integrated Payment Method

    Allow your customer to make a payment inside chat without leaving chat widget

  • Accept Virtual Account

    We support Virtual Account Payment from various Bank

  • Accept Credit Card

    We Support Credit Card Payment

  • Accept Bank Transfer and COD

    We Support Bank Transfer and COD

  • Order Preview in chat

    Send order preview to your customer to confirm their transactions

  • Payment Notifications *

    Get Payment Notifications to finalize your transactions

  • Shipping Module Integration *

    Support shipping module integration from shipping partners


Power Tools

  • Channel Management

    Channel management will help you to manage LINE and Facebook as your selling channel

  • Create and Upsell Campaign

    Manage your campaign or promotion inside our dashboard. Promote it right away to your customer and increase your basket size.

  • Trigger*

    Pro-active chat engagement to your customer. You can increase sales opportunity based on custom trigger

  • Analytics*

    Get full report and gain insight from your chat

  • Attention Grabber

    Attract your customer with your banner promotions

  • Agent Persona

    Agent's Identity based on your agent persona

  • Autoresponder & Business Hour

    Autorespone message based on business hour settings

  • Visitor Profile

    Capture visitor data into visitor profile and convert it as customer

  • Recommendations*

    We provide smart recommendation product to be offered to your customer

*Currently still in development